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About Us

Power-West Industries has been providing power generators in Victoria and BC since 1975. We offer generator rentals, sales, and installations. We also provide services to new and used gas, natural gas, diesel, and propane-powered industrial generators made by a variety of manufacturers.

We employ highly trained technicians who are trained and certified by Cummins and Kohler, two well-known names in the power generator industry. Our team has the experience, expertise, and professionalism to take care of even the largest jobs that exist in the business.

We provide services and equipment for critical care and high-demand facilities such as nursing homes, universities, hospitals, and data or call centres. Offering this type of service is vital as a power outage for any of these types of businesses could have consequences at a catastrophic level.

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Our Certified Technicians:

  • ASTT-certified
  • Kohler-certified
  • Cummins-certified
  • Safety Standards Act, CSA-certified

Generator Preventative Maintenance

Keeping your power generator in ideal working condition sometimes means having a maintenance plan in place. We offer a variety of Preventative Maintenance Service plans, including:
  1. Annual Preventative Servicing & Maintenance
  2. Semi-Annual Generator Run-Up & Readiness Test
  3. Monthly Generator Run-Up & Readiness Test

By regularly maintaining your power generator, you can help ensure it continues to work at optimal performance. When you schedule maintenance through one of our plans, you never have to worry about forgetting or neglecting the health of your equipment.

  • Avoid wasting money on long-term repair costs
  • Identify issues before an issue or disruption occurs
  • Stay up-to-date on government safety standards
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Generator Rentals

Industry Experts

Power-West Industries employs an extensive rental fleet to help minimize or prevent service disruptions whether they are planned, or an unexpected failure takes place. We also provide refueling, maintenance, and turn-key rental installation services.

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Generator Sales

Power-West will find the right power generators in Victoria or its surrounding areas to meet your budget, whether you require new or used equipment.

Power 360˚ Protection
  • 3-Month Warranty
  • 6-Month Inspection
  • 0 Wait-Time Guarantee (up to 1 year from purchase)
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Looking to replace your generator or need help because of an emergency power failure? Power-West’s trained and certified team is available to assist you.

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